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radar detector questions answered



I want a hidden detector, with the receiver remote-mounted down in the grille, but you don't make one. Why not?
- B.L., Florida

  I want a remote too, but I don't want to give up any protection. For the same reason you see high radio towers, the radar detector antenna needs to be high in the car; it sees over hills better, increasing range.  

Mounting down in the grille amounts to a low tower. You also have the problem of traffic ahead blocking the signal. The only time I've seen a grille mount outperform a windshield mount was a case where the detector could look under the truck just ahead. Normally, a high mount has an advantage because it's up where it can see through the windows of other traffic.

Another thing; the really sophisticated direction finding and bogey counting that V1 has requires perfectly synchronized information from the front and rear antenna. It's possible to maintain that synchronization when the system in broken apart into units at the front and rear of the car, but you pay F-15 prices. My best compromise between maintaining performance on the one hand, and hiding the detector on the other, is the Concealed Display. This keeps V1 in the window where it works great, but operates "dark;" all the light-up warnings are transferred to a small Display that you can locate where only you will see it.

  Your Concealed Display looks like exactly what I've been looking for, a way to keep my detector warnings all to myself. How hard is it to wire up?
- S.S., California

  Not hard at all. For more information.