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How can you tell which detector is best before you buy? At the turn of the millennium it was easy—check the latest test by the highly-motivated engineer types at Car and Driver.

But print publishing struggles now. Magazines may comment occasionally on detectors but they don’t have budgets for specialized testing; 2002 was C/D’s last detector shootout.

I’m not surprised. Testing is an exacting job, as I’ve explained in Evaluating Radar Detector Tests and Evaluating Laser Detector Tests. Moreover, a poorly done test is worse than meaningless; it may set you up for a bad buy.

V1 earned its top ranking in those old C/D tests and we still include them here, even though they may seem to be ancient history. For more recent reviews, you might check the online adventures of those techy boffins who call themselves the Guys of Lidar. In their geeky quest to separate the true performers from the fakers and placebos, I see a much younger me.

But back to the original question—How can you tell which detector is best before you buy? The toughest test is satisfying customers year after year. Go to our V1 Moments archive, for more than a decade of war stories told by V1 owners. No one could make this stuff up. And no other detector could inspire these stories.