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Mike Valentine
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Wrong! Two beeps is exactly the warning you get when instant-on ambushes somebody ahead. You could be next. Every beep may not be radar, but it’s a threat until you know otherwise.

“Bogey” is the military term for an ‘Unknown.” Every bogey must be identified; friend or foe?

I designed V1 to eliminate the Shrug Factor. Knowing location is the first step. A bogey behind? If it’s weak, not a threat. A bogey ahead? Be alert; you’re approaching an unknown. Any bogey to the side is no threat; radar gets no reading from the side.

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Dennis Walsh reports: Moving radar at 6 o’clock

Some people think the Bogey Counter is overkill. Until they use it. A common false alarm, caused by self-opening store doors, always come in multiples. When the counter shows four or more, all in the same direction, you’ll know what to think.

Joseph DiMotta didn’t shrug: Three openers and three shooters

Together, the Bogey Counter and the Radar Locator give you a detailed Threat Assessment. Are you facing a lone hunter or a war party?

Tim Grothause tells about: Massacre on the Interstate

Occasionally a customer tells me that his V1 is like a personal AWACS. That was the idea.