ITEM: 20242

PRICE: $29.00

Compatible with all V1s.

The traditional 12-V lighter socket is no longer available in a number of new cars, replaced by USB-A or USB-C sockets, or sometimes both. Our solution is a compact accessory module we call the USB Power Adapter. It steps up the car’s USB voltage to the 12 volts required by V1 Gen1 and V1 Gen2 and makes that voltage available in two RJ11 jacks, one for V1’s power cord and another for V1 accessories such as the Concealed Display.

Installation is easy. Simply connect to the car’s USB socket—it will be either USB-A or USB-C—to the USB-C input socket on the USB Power Adapter. Appropriate cables are included in our kit or you may supply your own. Plug V1’s power cord into the RJ11 jack labeled “MAIN” on the Adapter. If you’re using the Concealed Display, plug that cord into the “ACC” jack on the Adapter and you’re ready to go.

We recommend securing the USB Power Adapter in a convenient place with the self-adhesive Dual Lock fastener included with the Adapter. This is an important step because USB connectors, unlike RJ11 jacks, don’t have positive retention of the cable. Only by securing the Adapter in place can you be sure that a USB cable won’t be pulled out of its socket.

Other installation possibilities: Because the USB sockets in cars that have them are switched off when the car is not in operation, the USB Power Adapter can serve as a convenient source of power for hard-wire installations with no risk of running down the battery during extended periods of inactivity.

The compact Adapter measures 1.78 inches wide by 0.92 inches high by 0.91 inches deep (45mm x 23.3mm x 23mm).

Compatibility: This adapter is designed for USB-C ports. It can be used with USB-A ports that can fast-charge your phone. This adapter momentarily requires 13 watts as it starts up.