V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: Late-September 2023

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Added detection of LTI TruSpeed S lidar gun (4,000 pulses per second).
  • Improved Ka-band false-alarm rejection.
  • Added ability to make Ka-band always be the priority alert (enable through our free app).
  • Allows a memo in Logic or Advanced Logic Modes when a muted alert is present and a new unmuted alert is encountered.
  • Improves display responsiveness when muting alerts.
  • Allows apps using ESP connection to unmute alerts that were muted by V1 algorithms.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: December 2022

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Corrects a software glitch responsible for occasional errors in battery voltage as reported by apps; it also caused errant display-brightness settings in some circumstances.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: November 2022

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Vastly improved rejection of Ka-band false signals caused by carelessly-engineered, Asia-sourced detectors.
  • New Ka-band alerts will break over a muted alert at the initial (unmuted) volume.
  • In Advanced Logic Mode, as X- and K-band sources are being passed, the arrow transition from Front to Beside to Behind is more consistent with the behavior in other modes.
  • Strong Ka signals in the presence of emitting Asia-sourced detectors will no longer produce excess Bogey counts.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: March 2022

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • A double-tap of the mute control will no longer suppress the bogey-lock tone of a new Ka-band alert.
    As before, double-tap inputs will continue to suppress all X- and K-band loud bogey-lock tones until they clear a 15-second period without an alert.
  • Firmware revisions to accommodate hardware changes required by the chip shortage.
  • Firmware changes to improve App development
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: Mid-October 2021

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Improved Ka sensitivity for In-The-Box alerts.
    • 33.700 – 33.900 GHz
    • 34.600 – 34.800 GHz
    • 35.400 – 35.600 GHz
    • There is no sensitivity change for Ka alerts Outside-The-Box.
  • Reduced occurrence of infrequent Ka false alarms caused by close-proximity K-band emitters.
  • Added the ability to change audio volume via future versions of apps.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: May 2021

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Enhanced suppression of false alerts when in close proximity to traffic radar.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: Mid-December 2020

Includes all previous UPGRADE improvements plus the following:

  • Suppression of Blind-Spot (also called Lane-Change) radars restored to start-of-
    production effectiveness.
  • During initial power-on in Euro Mode, Band Identification now show bands enabled or
    disabled according to user setting.
  • When changing modes, previous Mute state will be preserved.
  • When in Advanced-Logic mode, a new laser warning will be displayed during a muted
    radar alert.
  • Only when programming feature G is enabled, X- and K-threat-assessment logic has
    been recalibrated.

V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: November 2020

Includes all UPGRADE improvements from May 2020 plus the following:

  • Reduces occurrence of rare and incorrect “J” responses to strong Ka-band
  • Eliminates rare episodes of display-flicker-and-Bluetooth-dropouts.
  • Guarantees fidelity to muting commands from SAVVY, Concealed Display,
    Remote Audio Adapter, and third-party wired devices.
  • Eliminates excess Bogey Counts in the presence of very strong signals.
  • Improves muting and un-muting behavior in Ku-band.
  • Improves signal strength responsiveness to instant-on Ka-band encounters.
V1 Gen2 Better-Still UPGRADE: May 2020

Vastly Improved laser signal recognition:

  • Near total rejection of Mazda/Toyota/Volvo forward crash-mitigation laser systems.
  • Substantially improved rejection of CHMSL alarms.
  • Improved rejection of smartphone gesture sensors.

Enhanced Analyzer Modes:

  • Improved reporting procedure.

Enhanced rejection of blind-spot radars:

  • Improved rejection of Mazda CX-5 system at close range.

Enhanced operation in app’s “Custom Frequencies” mode:

  • The 33.7-33.9 GHz Pop range will not be scanned by default.

Enhanced firmware safeguards in rarely-encountered situations.